UFC 172: Jones vs Texiera Preview

Jon Jones wants to be the Greatest of All Time. He is on the right path. But paths to greatness are never meant to be smooth. There will be always be hurdles, a bump on the road, a pothole here and there and Jones definitely had one the last time we saw him inside the Octagon.

Jon Jones had his toughest fight to date in his last match against Alexander Gustafsson and many were not impressed. As good as Jon Jones is, he has a lot of people hating him. I was not impressed as well. I watched that fight the first time and thought for sure Gus did enough to have his hands raised. I watched it a second and a third time and to me it was clearly that Bones won, but it was extremely close. If it were not for a spinning elbow that connected with less than 40 seconds left in the fourth round of that title fight, Glover Texiera would be facing Alexander Gustafsson instead of Jon Jones.

A photo of the aftermath posted by The Mauler in a hospital after the fight further showed that Jones was lucky to escape with the belt.


Tomorrow, Jon Jones will face Glover Texiera in his seventh title defense. Say what you want about Bones, but with Anderson Silva on the shelf with a broken leg, Jon Jones is the current pound-for-pound best fighter in the UFC. A good argument here would be Cain Velasquez, but he has not gone through so many former champions as Jones has, plus he is on the shelf until November, recovering from shoulder surgery.

A lot of people still doubt his greatness but there’s no stopping Jon Jones. As obsessed as he is about getting better, I believe we will see the best Jon “Bones” Jones when he meets Texiera tomorrow. You may want to check out the video below if you are really excited for this fight, it is definitely worth your while.

Another video you may want to check out. I think it’s pretty cool. I love Sports Science videos!

And if you are in the mood to read, be sure to check out this article from Bleacher Report’s Jeremy Botter. A very interesting read if you want to know Jon Jones more:


The Clumsy Idiot’s Prediction: Jones in 4th or 5th round via stoppage.

On a side note, the co-main event features top contender Phil Davis vs the returning Anthony “Rumble” Johnson. That’s a pretty interesting fight. I am picking Rumble for that fight.Another fight that I think would be good is the one between Joseph Benavidez vs Tim Elliott. That promises a lot of fireworks. Not the grandest of cards but not a slouch either. Can’t wait for tomorrow!




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